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Cross Border Taxation

Multi-jurisdictional tax and reporting requirements are becoming ever more prevalent as more Canadians are working internationally and foreign individuals and corporations are performing work in Canada. We have seen an explosive growth in this area of tax and we have grown alongside it by preparing hundreds of multi-jurisdictional returns in Canada and the United States each year.

We have the experience and knowledge to orchestrate your specific cross border tax filing requirements. Our deep understanding allows us to determine your tax residency in Canada and the United States. From there, we can identify and prepare your specific personal tax filing requirements in both countries to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), any applicable states, and Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). We can also aid in nonresident Canadian tax filings required by American corporations completing work in Canada.

We are able to instantly electronic file your United States Federal and State personal income tax returns and FBAR/FinCen 114 forms to the IRS.


Other areas relating to cross border taxation we can assist you with are:

  • Preparation of US Federal & State personal income tax returns
  • United States real estate disposition tax filings
  • Streamlined Amnesty applications to the IRS
  • Interpretation of the United States-Canada Tax Convention (Treaty)
  • Preparation of Tax Treaty based position to both the IRS and CRA
  • Expatriation United States taxation issues for former citizens & long-term residents
  • United States estate & gift tax planning
  • Preparation of United States foreign bank & financial account filings (FBAR or FinCen 114)
  • Non-resident Canadian tax filings required by American corporations completing work in Canada
  • Multi-jurisdictional professional services
  • Preparation of forms 3520 and 3520A relating to the ownership of a foreign trust

The scope of our expertise extends beyond our borders. Our firm is a member of FY International, which allows us to draw upon the resources of over 40 professional offices worldwide. More information about FY International can be found at

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