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Start-up Businesses

As an entrepreneur looking to start a new business, your focus needs to be running your operations. However, there is a significant amount of financial aspects which need to be addressed. At McCann & Associates LLP, we can assist you in making sure your business is in compliance with tax and regulatory filings while providing professional services to help your business grow. Our office has experienced staff who will be able to provide advice onyour organization while assisting you meet your financial objectives.

If you are an international organization looking to expand into the Canadian market, we are able to assist you by ensuring that there is compliance with tax and regulatory filings while providing recommendations. Our professional staff are fluent in many languages (Greek, Spanish & Vietnamese) making communication easier with your employer in other countries.


Areas relating to startup businesses we offer include, but are not limited to:

  • Consulting on business structure
  • Business number and account registration
  • Setting up legal & banking relationships
  • Accounting software recommendation
  • Financial projections
  • Consulting on financial internal controls
  • Business plan analysis
  • Cross border tax analysis
  • GST/HST, corporate tax & payroll compliance
  • Accounting & controllership services

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